Wakakirri will have Angle Vale Primary School students…performing to the MAX

Angle Vale primary students celebrating the life and times of Max fatchen include (in no particular order) Stephen, Jake, Samuel, Tyler, Bonnie, Courtney, Eva, Nelsie, Rebecca, Tanika, Chantelle, Tiarna, Amanda, Crystal, Emma, Georgia, Hallie, Jasmine, Maddison, Aimee, Charli, Jazmin, Chelsea, Kimberley M, Tatum, Ashlee, Brianna, Lily, Fynnlay, Chloe, Crystal, April, Ashleigh, Sarah, Kimberly A, Alex, Chelsea, and Jessie.

The life and times of celebrated author and award-winning journalist, Max Fatchen, is the motivation behind Angle Vale Primary School’s entry into this year’s Wakakirri competition.

Taking part for the ninth year, nearly 40 students are involved in the production, with the school’s Italian teacher, Tammy Bryant, leading the enthusiastic students in the tribute performance of the well-known and much-loved former student.

“This year’s performance is just brilliant,” Tammy said.

“The kids have been working together so well and really organise themselves.

“They have developed a lot of confidence and new friendships from the experience.”

The team will perform at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre this Friday, August 8, and someone who is taking part for the second year is Year 6 student Jazmin Phillips.

Jazmin said while putting the performance together had been challenging it was definitely a rewarding experience.

“It’s building a lot of friendships and teamwork,” she said.

“It’s a lot of fun.”

The seven-minute story-dance production reflects Max’s life from his school days at Angle Vale Primary School, through his time on the land and his eventual step into the writing world, and showcases his time as a newspaper columnist and the many numerous awards he received throughout his career.

Each year the competition requires schools to include a signature item and this year it was a cake, which the team was able to easily incorporate as they reflected the celebration of his 90th birthday.

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