Fresh from the sea



IF you love your whiting, enjoy the odd oyster or are partial to a prawn, the new Two Wells Fresh Seafood store is the answer to all your wildest dreams.

Steve and Karen Ravesteyn opened the new business about a month ago and the response has been great.

“It’s been good, we’ve received a lot of local support from amongst the community, so now we just need them to keep coming back,” Karen laughed.

Steve was a commercial fisherman for almost a decade and was keen to stay close to the industry.

“He always loved fishing, so rather than go back out fishing again, we thought we would try the retail market,” Karen said.

Fresh whiting, prawns, oysters, snapper and garfish are just some of the many lines available, with bait supplies also in stock for the local angler.

Frozen and smoked products are stocked as well. The garfish, silver whiting and prawns are proving popular.

“We’re also happy to order fish in for people if they want to call a day or so ahead. Bulk orders are welcome too,” Karen said.

In a bid to go as fresh as possible, Two Wells Fresh Seafood has contacted local commercial fishermen to buy direct from the sea.

“We’re looking to supply locally sourced fish where we can,” Karen said.

n So, if it’s the freshest seafood you’re after, give Karen and Steve a call or drop in to Two Wells Fresh Seafood, open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm and Saturdays, 9.30am to 1pm.

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