Chemplus Offers asthma check

Matthew Girgolos with just some of the big range of asthma aids available at Two Wells Chemplus.
Matthew Girgolos with just some of the big range of asthma aids available at Two Wells Chemplus.

Asthma affects more than two million Australians, with a huge impact on many lives.

More than 400 Australians die, unnecessarily, each year from asthma, a disease which can usually be well controlled with good management.

Two Wells Chemplus has partnered with Wymedical to introduce the “ABLE 5 Minute Asthma Check-up.”

Through the check-up, trained staff can quickly and easily assess if you have asthma controlled.

“Asthma sufferers can improve their lung function if they get on top of their asthma,” said pharmacist, Matthew best online casino Girgolas.

“You can help yourself get on top of this disease by having a simple check up, which might save your life.”

Matthew and his staff will assess your breathing techniques to ensure you are using your puffers correctly, and advise on the benefits of using a spacer.

Using a spacer will allow 90 per cent more medication to reach your lungs, as opposed to 10-50 per cent without a spacer – a huge difference. The chemist has a range of handy spacers  available for purchase, along with infant and child masks which attach to a spacer.

The spacer has a useful control whistle, which assists to slow your  breathing down to maximise the dosage reaching your lungs.

Staff at Two Wells  Chemplus can also assess your breathing through a peak flow meter, which can also be purchased to self-monitor at home.

It’s not just allergens that increase inflammation of the lungs and trigger asthma, but also cold weather, coughs and colds which can contribute to your shortness of breath.

If you are waking at night with coughing or wheezing, or using your reliever three or more times a week, it’s time to be assessed. Don’t put it off – it’s simple and could  save your life.

• Contact Matthew and the staff on 8520 2911, or call in for a quick five minute assessment. No bookings are required.

The chemist is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, and Saturdays 9am to noon.

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