Natural beauty in our own backyard

A short drive from Mallala, heading towards Wasleys, you will find the Rockies Reserve, which borders the Light River.

The Light River is an ephemeral (wet in winter, dry in summer) river system, and within the Rockies reserve there is a number of permanent rock pools that can be found within this stretch of the river (hence the name Rockies).

The original vegetation of this river corridor consists of a river red gum open forest landscape.

Unfortunately, like many of our region’s landscapes, past clearing and cropping practices have left a large proportion denuded of the original vegetation, only to be reclaimed by introduced pest plants and animals including Box thorn, Caltrop, foxes and rabbits etc, which when left unchecked can cause irreparable damage to our fragile environment.

During the early 90s District Council of Mallala embarked on a revegetation project within this reserve that involved a number of volunteer groups including Mallala Primary School, Mallala Greening Group, Landcare, and Greening Australia.

This project involved the planting of local indigenous tube stock and the direct seeding of about five hectares using seed collected from the local area.

Greening Australia carried out the direct seeding and also brought along their “Baby Green Machine”– a small direct seeder used for school demonstrations allowing a hands-on approach to innovative techniques in revegetation activities.

The Rockies reserve boasts a great example of the types of vegetation that can be found within the Light River System and plays an important role in supporting biodiversity connectivity within this river corridor.

With car parking facilities, shelter and toilets, the Rockies is a great place for a family picnic or to just explore one of our regions natural environmental assets.

The Rockies Reserve is another great example of the stewardship shown by our community.

• I also attended the Mallala Foreshore Advisory Committee meeting held in Two Wells recently. I am always interested in hearing of some of the challenges our community groups face when it comes to managing and protecting the environmental natural resources within our region.

Our natural environment provides many eco services essential for our wellbeing, including clean water, healthy soils and clean air, just to name a few.

Several issues were raised, with one we all should be concerned about – dumping of asbestos around local roads and reserves.

This material can cause serious health issues within our environment. If you are aware of this activity please call the police or our local council as this type of behaviour should not be tolerated by any community.

As a community we must all take ownership of our natural environment.

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