Inspection will help with plans to ‘spend a penny’

Residents in the Two Wells township will soon receive word of an inspection to assess the function of their septic system.

District Council of Mallala endorsed at its June meeting to move forward with investigating a community waste management system for the Two Wells township by conducting an audit of current systems, expected to be carried out mid-late September.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said an audit conducted in the mid-2000s identified a high percentage of existing systems as failing, but the audit was now out of date.

It would be important for Council to complete a new audit before it makes any further decisions on the need of a CWMS, Mr Mansueto said.

“That (initial) audit was conducted to look at how many of the systems are failing,” he said.

“What council has endorsed is a letter to go out to residents in Two Wells letting them know a contractor will be contacting them to have a look at their properties and assess the condition of their systems.”

Mr Mansueto said the audit would give council a better understanding of the conditions of existing septic systems and if there was a need for a community wastewater management scheme.

“Council hasn’t set any (money) aside in this year’s budget but in its long term financial plan it has a $2.2 million allocation,” he said.

The projected total cost of a proposed CWMS for the Two Wells township was $4.4 million, Mr Mansueto said, with council seeking significant grant funding for the project as it did for the Mallala CWMS.

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