Important to comment on Lewiston’s future

Lewiston is a fantastic place to live and it is imperative our vision for the future involves enhancing the qualities that make it so, whilst avoiding compromises to short term interests.

Recently I attended the preliminary meeting of the Lewiston Community Focal Points Study.

The study’s purpose  is to identify what, if any, focal points Lewiston requires.

Subsequent to this a long-term plan needs to be formulated to achieve these aims. Also present at the meeting were local ward councillors Anne Picard and Tom Summerton, Pat Wake of Landcare, Betty and Dave Body and Ann Porter of Neighbourhood Watch, and Bev Smith of Two Wells Regional Action Team.

It was agreed for the process to be successful community consultation would need to be as thorough as possible.

Consequently, a survey will be produced and distributed to all households.

In addition, information will be printed in the Echo and at strategic local meeting points.

Also, known local community groups will be contacted directly for feedback.

Some interesting ideas already presented are a dedicated equine area at Hams Park, a dedicated canine area at Harniman Reserve and enhanced walking/horse-riding/eco tracks through the area.

You may agree with these ideas or have fresh ideas of your own – or you may believe we don’t need anything more at all.

Therefore it is important you complete the survey when you receive it so council gets the vision right for your area.

In addition, contact any of people listed here with your opinions or communicate directly with council to express your opinion.

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