Visit to parliament a new learning experience

Virginia Primary Parliament Tour

Following a recent tour of the historic Parliament House in Adelaide, students from Virginia Primary School participated in a mock debate at the venue.

Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos, conducted the tour, with students given an opportunity to visit the House of Assembly and Legislative Council in parliament.

The two Year 6/7 classes debated the topic of women’s suffrage in South Australia and some students (left)  had the chance to role-play in traditional robes, while others actively participated in the debate. Class teacher Ms Caterina Ditroia said the debate was an effective learning experience.

“It ties in with the exposition text writing and debating skills our students have been learning,” she said.

“Considering it is a component of the NAPLAN test, it is nice to make practical connections with learned theory.”

As part of their research, students were shown the tapestries on display in the House of Assembly to commemorate women gaining the right to vote and stand in parliament. Mrs Vlahos was impressed by how well researched and prepared the students were.

“They understood the general structure of our governance system and were eager to learn how our parliament functions,” she said.

“From what I saw, these students are community leaders in the making.

“I would like to thank all the teachers involved and encourage members of the public to visit parliament.

“It is the people’s house and reflects much of South Australia’s history.”

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