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TWRAT calls for urgent action on Brooks road intersection

One of Two Wells’ major intersections is “a serious accident waiting to happen” due to poor signage and visibility, according to the Two Wells Regional Action Team.

In a letter to District Council of Mallala, TWRAT highlighted its concerns about the intersection of Brooks Road and Port Wakefield road (Highway One).

In the letter dated May 14 TWRAT stated: “This year there have been two significant accidents and a couple of minor ones.

“Signage at the intersection is not clear for drivers who are not familiar with the area and there is not a give way sign or stop sign.

“The sign directing traffic to Adelaide is placed on one of (the) small islands and actually blocks the view of north-bound traffic to many of the vehicles exiting Brooks Road.

“With oncoming traffic legally travelling at 110km/h there is no chance for correction if a driver exiting Brooks Road makes an error. We support a reassessment of the situation at this intersection in the hope that there will not be a fatality as a result of the poor signage.

“We consider this to be a serious matter requiring urgent action, especially with the rapidly increasing population of the Two Wells area.”

Since this letter was written, another accident has occurred at the intersection, with a four-wheel drive vehicle rolling and ending up in the creek on the side of the highway.

Two Wells resident and TWRAT member, Bev Smith-Trim, lives adjacent to the intersection and is particularly concerned.

“There needs to be at least a give way sign there, if not a stop sign,” Bev said.

“I honestly think where roads come onto the highway, there should be a compulsory stop sign. Some people get confused as to where the actual roads are.

“The highway is just so busy these days. We want to stir things up before there’s a death.”

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said council had referred the matter to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and had not received any correspondence with regard to the issue from DPTI at time of print.

“We did some pruning of the trees to make the signs more visible but the actual signage there and its position is a DPTI responsibility,” Mr Mansueto said.

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