Winter Lawn Care Is Vital

Winter is an important time for solving lawn problems. If you fix and feed now, the lawn will be in good shape for summer.

During winter, weeds take advantage of the lawn’s weakened state to fill every possible gap. Broad-leafed (non-grass) weeds can be relatively easily controlled with the help of a selective herbicide. This is the name for a weedkiller that removes invaders without causing major damage to the lawn.

Typical examples of broad-leafed weeds are clover, dandelions, lawn daisies, cudweed and thistles. Zero Bindii & Clover Gun, which is also available in a concentrate, will take care of these. Apply either by target spotting or by spraying over the entire lawn.

A tip for applying liquid herbicides to the lawn is to use the sprinkle bar attachment that’s designed to fit the popular Hortico watering can. And you can reduce the risk of accidental contamination by keeping a separate watering can for herbicide application.

Late August is the perfect time to fertilise the lawn.


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