Study to focus on Lewiston

LEWISTON residents will be canvassed on their thoughts and concepts for future community focal points in the area.

District Council of Mallala will soon start the Lewiston Community Study to determine need for community spaces and social infrastructure in Lewiston.

The majority of properties in the Lewiston settlement are rural living properties.

With its low-density rural living character, council believed it may require the creation of one or more identifiable community focal points to enhance the community’s sense of identity, belonging and sociability.

“What needs to be identified is what could be built and where,” DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto said.

A community focal point is a place that provides the necessary social interaction and support of a community and can include a public park, library, civic hub, cafe, community centre and retail centre.

Community focal points provide a venue for information, education, interaction and activity and are places where individuals are mentally, spiritually and physically supported through a sense of community, mutual support and self worth developed through community involvement.

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