Lessons in China Experience

With deputy mayor, Mark Wasley, I have just returned from China, having self-funded our attendance at the  6th Global Outsourcing Conference, held in Wuxi.

We were small fish in a big pond, surrounded by professors, directors of multinational companies and owners of multi-million dollar companies.

Needless to say  this didn’t discourage me. I focussed on the cultural and social aspects instead. My first experience of China was looking out of the window of the plane and seeing what I believed was the beginnings of a massive thunderstorm; the sky a total cloud cover.

Then when I walked through the airport it smelt funny and I assumed it was the tropical weather causing this.

Then I began the three-hour bus trip from Shanghai to Wuxi and thought I would miss all the views since I had arrived at dusk. Then the penny dropped…it was the infamous Chinese smog. It is hard to believe, but it stretched for several hundred kilometres and for the period I was in China I didn’t see one star and only saw the sun once for about five minutes.

I really appreciated the clean air and clear skies of Lewiston when I returned!

• Back in Australia, my first mayoral duty was to attend the Bevan Park dairy teaching Unit opening (see above).

I met lots of friendly cows – as well as human beings. In a casino partnership between the Wilson family and the Roseworthy Campus vet students, it provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in situ at the farm. It is a commendable spirit of co-operation that brings together these two bodies to provide the best education for our students. We were also treated to some delicious fare from the local Two Wells Bakery.

• COUNCIL’S June 24 meeting resolved to seek further community consultation regarding potential electoral changes. The proposition being taken to the community is that the district eliminate ward boundaries and have nine councillors elected by the total community. This, together with a mayor elected by the community at large, would bring the number in council to 10 as opposed to the current11. If you have an opinion on boundaries or councillor numbers it is important to advise councillors or council in the next few weeks.

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