Golfers triumph in Hamley challenge

Some of the stars of the Two Wells Golf Club’s win against Hamley Bridge, (from left) Steven Kelly, Rob Thompson, John Ball and Robert Hogg.
Some of the stars of the Two Wells Golf Club’s win against Hamley Bridge, (from left) Steven Kelly, Rob Thompson, John Ball and Robert Hogg.

By TWGC handicapper, Russell Grigg

The last month of golf has culminated in Two Wells triumphing in the bi-annual Hamley Bridge / Two Wells Challenge.

The Hamley course was in beautiful condition and looked a treat.

Twenty players fronted from Two Wells, which was very pleasing.

Club president, Chris Girling, put together a fine 71 off of the stick, scored 41 points and five birdies to easily be the best Two Wells player on the day.

After all the players had finished and scores tallied, it was established Two Wells had won the day with an average of 33.7 to Hamley 31.8 – the first time Two Wells has beaten them on their turf.

All had a great day and we sincerely thank Hamley for their hospitality.

We have no doubt they will be trying their hardest to knock us off in the return match at Two Wells on August 10.

• With the course back home coming to life from the recent rains so has player of the last month, John Boon.

Boony has played beautifully, winning twice, runner-up once, winning the Bob Oxlade Memorial Trophy with a fine net 61, which saw him take out Ian Smith 7/5 in handicap matchplay, lose 4 strokes from his handicap and was in fine form on Facebook letting Neil and Jake Bowden know all about his exploits.

There has also been some consistent form from Adam Bail, Robert Hogg, Hans Linford and Gary Payne too, which sees them all just a point or two behind Boony in the club trophy points.

•The ladies on Tuesdays have been going strong with captain Elaine Grigg dominating the first five weeks by winning four times.

Aileen Oliver did burst her bubble by defeating her in handicap match play recently, easily playing her best for the season in doing so.

• If you would like to join us to try and tame our challenging little course, visit the club this Saturday. Golf starts at 11am with tee offs until around 12.30pm and everyone in before 5pm for presentation of the days’ prizes and a chance to take home the much sought after Virginia Meat Store meat tray raffles.

Ladies also play on Tuesdays around 9.15am and new members always welcome.

Men also have a Thursday competition from 9:15am usually followed by a BBQ lunch and a couple of beers after the day’s golf.

Two Wells Golf Club also has a website, with a wealth of information about the course, competitions, membership information and everything else you need to know. Come out and play! We would love to see you out there.

• Also a quick reminder the upcoming Adelaide Plains & Barossa Veterans Golf Day on Thursday June 13, Club Championships in late June, early July followed by the Men’s Open Day on July 28 and the Women’s Open Day on August 2.


27 April:  Par

A Grade – R.Hogg +1, G.Payne +1, S.Grigg sq.

B Grade – J.Ball +2, J.Boon +1, H.Linfod –1.

Ladies – K.Stubing +1, J.Holland –4, E.Grigg –4.

4 May:  Stableford

A Grade – A.Bail 36, A.Baker 34, C.Girling 33.

B Grade – J.Boon 43, H.Linford 40, J.Spackman 37

Ladies – E.Grigg 35, J.Holland 28, K.Stubing 20.

11 May:  Stroke

A Grade – L.Grafton 62, C.Hogg 63, R.Hogg 64

B Grade – J.Boon 61, I.Smith 66, P.Shields 71.

Ladies – J.Holland 78, E.Grigg 83.

24 May:  Stableford (at Hamley Bridge)

A Grade – C.Girling 41, A.Bail 37, L.Grafton 36

B Grade – S.Kelly 39, I.Clark 38, P.Shields 38.

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