Council to spend on roads

Residents will be spared slightly in next year’s District Council of Mallala draft Budget, with higher growth than expected in new developments cutting half a percent from annual rates.

Following a special Budget meeting on Monday June 3, where DCM endorsed its draft 2013/14 Budget, rate payers will see a rate rise of 4.5 per cent, down from the projected five percent.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the draft Budget reflected feedback from the community and focused predominately on basic infrastructure needs.

Some of the capital works the draft Budget is considering include:

• $4.6 million for the Mallala CWMS project (offset by a 2.6 million subsidy)

• $80,000 contribution to Baker Road Ford upgrade

• $100,000 to repair Salt Creek Bridge (Old Port Wakefield Road)

• $30,000 for a whole district Open Space Management Plan

• $72,000 for Thompson Beach Fire Protection Infrastructure Upgrade

• $60,000 for a Local Drainage Action Plan

• $1 million to improve local roads

“The Budget is reflecting an increase in spending in road infrastructure,” Mr Mansueto said.

“That has been an issue highlighted by the community on a number of occasions.”

Some of the roads to be sealed or relocated over the next 12 months include Germantown Rd, between Gawler Rd and Hayman Road ($192,000) and from Dawkins Road to Gawler River Road ($337,000); Marshman Road ($130,000) and Elizabeth Street ($41,000), in Mallala, and Pederick Road Lewiston ($300,000).

As well as the above list of local road spending, the council has also Budgeted a $1 million contribution with the Hickinbotham Group for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of the Mallala and Old Port Wakefield Road, in preparation for the proposed new housing development north of the town.

“There’s still a lot of money being spent but it is keeping it to the basics,” Mr Mansueto said of the draft Budget.

“Growth in our new developments has come in higher than expected so where we were expecting one percent its now 1.5 percent, which has allowed council to reduce the average rate increase to existing residents to 4.5 percent, down from 5 per cent.

“Council could use half a percent on new projects or enhance existing services but have determined to reduce the rate increase instead.

“It’s an example of why growth is so important.”

As the council moves to implement its newly adopted differential rating system residents will also incur a fixed charge of $100 and a $180 waste service charge. The waste service charge applies to properties accessing a two bin (general and recycling) waste service, and recovers the full cost of this service.

Residents who use the green waste service will continue to receive the service, with the cost recovered through general rates.

A charge system for the green waste service will be determined and applied from 2014/15.

Two hundred thousand dollars previously earmarked for a town centre market plaza in Two Wells has been taken out of the draft Budget and will be considered by a new council following the 2014 elections.

Community consultation on the draft 2013/14 Budget will start on June 12 and closes July 4.

A public hearing for community representations will be held at DCM’s ordinary council meeting on June 24, which has been moved to the Two Wells Community Centre at 7pm.

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