Learning to live in Harmony

 Harmony Day was celebrated across the country on Thursday, March 21, and students at Two Wells Primary School took the opportunity to engage in a variety of classroom activities.
Many students made orange friendship bracelets, some classes did cooking, and others played games.
TWPS counsellor, Judy Sanders, said the focus this year had been on recognising and appreciating the diversity of cultures within Australia, and students had really enjoyed exploring this.
“Quite a number of the classes have participated in multicultural games,” Judy said.
“We have students from a variety of backgrounds, including the Philippines, Bosnia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Poland.”
In Mrs Atterton’s Year 1/2 class, students listened to a variety of music from different parts of the world, including Egypt, Ireland and Africa.
They were asked to concentrate on what the music sounded like and how it made them feel and then draw what they felt.
An array of colourful, vibrant pictures was the end result.
  • About 7 million people have migrated to Australia since 1945.
  • We identify with about 300 ancestries.
  • 45 per cent of Australians are either born overseas or have a parent who were.

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