The Watchdog


I used to laugh at the many associates of mine who were sporting a mobile phone with a badly cracked screen.

I would point and giggle at their stupidity, as most of the time, a cracked phone screen is the result of complacency and disregard. For three years, I took close care of my iPhone 3 and displayed the perfect condition of my screen with pride.

While others around me would crack, I was on top of my game, exercising caution with my preciously protected phone.

Then, the Karma bus arrived and everyone on board kicked me firmly in the groin. I was reclining on my favourite portion of lounge suite and attempted to stand (this was my first mistake), only to have the phone in my lap tumble onto tiles below.

It all happened in slow motion but on impact, the noise of crunching glass confirmed my greatest fear. Well, perhaps What is bad credit counseling agencies anyway? To improve your situation you need to understand what bad credit counseling agencies is and how to fix it. my greatest fear behind my fear of arriving at school naked, which is a recurring dream of mine, but I digress. Yes, the screen was badly cracked, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put my screen together again.

This led me to ordering a new phone, after such an extended spell of bliss with the old model.

After what seemed like an eternity, my service provider at last delivered an iPhone 5 into my hot little hands. The phone itself differs little from previous iPhones, although the altered charging function is a huge pain, while there is undoubted improvements in file space and speaker volume.

The best feature of the new iPhone didn’t hit me until a few weeks after using the product, when I at last plugged the headphones provided into my computer.

Following years of using a cheap pair of headphones, slipping the new model into my ears felt like sliding a new pair of comfy slippers on your feet after roaming barefoot across a paddock filled with caltrop. Then the sound hit me.

I may or may not have used the Lord’s name in vain at that point but I feel a loving God would understand what I was experiencing at the time.

It was like these headphones had been designed by the hands of the Almighty himself (or herself, whichever suits).

I recommend the purchase of an iPhone 5 for the headphones alone! Rock on people!

Bec O’Brien joined the Echo team in 2011and has a degree in journalism from the University of South Australia. She has worked at the Port Lincoln Times newspaper, written for the Tennis SA magazine and in the past has been heard reading the news on 3D radio.Bec is also a fully qualified primary school teacher and combines her love of writing, photography and learning with her role at the Echo.She enjoys the connections she makes with the people in her community and is always keen to see a good story shared.Bec and husband Kieren live in Two Wells with their three young daughters, one dog and a pony.