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A FEW dramas have caught my eye in recent weeks, two standing out as more than watchable shows on a regular basis.

At long last I tuned in to an episode of “Elementary”, screened Sunday nights on Channel 10.

The show is predominantly a modern day Sherlock Holmes drama, featuring characters such as Sherlock Holmes, played by Jonny Lee Miller, and Dr Joan Watson, portrayed by Lucy Liu.

The pair work in tandem to solve complicated crimes with sumptuous twists, as should be expected of a Sherlock Holmes style story.

I enjoyed the first episode and will reserve full judgement until I’ve seen a few but on the one tasting, I found it rather enjoyable.

“Elementary” is relatively light-hearted and has some comical moments, predominantly through the antics of Holmes.

Another show I had a look at during the week was “Hannibal”, which debuted on the Seven Network on Wednesday night.

Now, a bit of parental guidance wouldn’t go astray here, as this show is not for young, impressionable minds.

Given most viewers out there would have a best online casino vague understanding of the sort of character Dr Hannibal Lecter is, let’s just say the series follows that theme relatively closely.

Each episode is a weekly instalment of murder mysteries, with the background story continuing throughout.

The background story predominantly focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator, Will Graham, and Dr Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist.

Wikipedia describes the “Hannibal” version of Graham as “on the Asperger’s side of the autism spectrum”.

“He possesses ‘pure empathy’ and an overactive imagination, allowing him to mentally recreate the murders he is investigating.”

At times, the recreating of the murders in his mind can be fairly graphic and even some of the scenes throughout the show tend to be a bit confronting.

But the somewhat sadistic viewer within me seems to crave more of the strange relationship between Lecter and Graham, as they work together in the kookiest of ways to solve crime.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the Hannibal movies, the TV series won’t let you down, with the actors delivering truly believable characters and a generally gripping narrative.

Not something to watch before dinner though, as it will kill the appetite.

Pun intended.

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