Permit required to burn off



I think I can safely say, most of us are glad the hot, muggy weather we have all been treated to over the past few weeks is over.

Autumn is here and Easter has been and gone.

Over the March period, we only had five call outs, which included a house fire, two grassfires, a car fire and a road crash rescue with an injured driver.

Farmers are now allowed to burn off WITH A PERMIT.

However, the rest of us have to wait for April 30 as per normal.

But remember, casino online we have had an exceptionally dry summer and everything is still at the ‘Crispy Crackers’ dry stage.

If you are unsure call the local council and don’t take risks.

As ever we are still in need of new members, particularly for the daytime period.

If you are at all interested we train Monday nights at 7.30pm and Cadets train every other Monday at 6.00pm.

The evenings are much cooler now so please visit us at Wells Road, off the main street opposite the tavern. You would be most welcome.

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